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Due to the stricter immigration laws and policies, it has become tougher to obtain an Australian permanent residency over a few years. In this situation, many visa applicants consider a ‘Skill Assessment’ to have a wider access to visa options.


Today, we are going to introduce one of well-known skill assessing authorities, TRA (Trade Recognition Australia), and explain types of skill assessments that the TRA offers.


[Skill Assessment and types of Visas requiring Skill Assessment]


In order to fairly assess all occupations without bias, Department of Home Affairs has outlined which skill assessing authorities are eligible to provide a skill assessment for each occupation. A skill assessing authority is an organisation that checks applicants’ skills meet the Australian standards in the relevant industries. Each assessing authority has its own assessment requirements, procedures, timeframes, and application fees.


Obtaining a suitable skill assessment for a nominated occupation is one of the mandatory requirements for certain visas specified by the Immigration regulations. For those specified visas, applicants should submit a successful skill assessment outcome before or after a visa lodgement depending the relevant regulations.


Currently, applicants for the following visas must have a successful skill assessment outcome matching with their nominated occupations:


General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas

  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) — Points tested stream
  • Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Skilled Work Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 491)


Employer Sponsored visas

  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) – Direct stream
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 494)
  • Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS)

Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) – Graduate Work stream


As for the TSS visa, a skill assessment is only required for applicants who work in the nominated occupations and hold a passport from the nominated countries.




TRA is one of Australia’s skill assessing authorises specialising in the assessments for the Trade Occupations such as chef, wall and floor tiler, electrician, bricklayer, fitter and welder.


[Skill Assessment Programs offered by TRA]


TRA offers a number of different skill assessment programs based on an applicant’s occupation, country of passport, and the type of visa they wish to apply for. Different skill assessment programs have different eligibility requirements.


Amongst all, three programs explained below are in the highest demand;


  • JRP (Job Ready Program)


JRP is eligible for international graduates who completed study towards an Australian qualification relevant to their nominated occupations and have a graduate visa or other visas with full-time work rights. In many cases, JRP is suitable for applicants who are on a graduate visa and plan to apply for one of the Skilled Migration visas.

JRP is a four-step employment-based skill assessment program which requires full time work experience for at least 12 months, so applicants must secure eligible full-time employment in their nominated occupations in an Australian workplace.


  • OSAP (Offshore Skill Assessment Program)


OSAP is for applicants who work in the nominated occupations and hold a passport from the nominated countries or Special Administrative Region (SAR).

To be eligible, the applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have had relevant work experience that is directly related to their nominated occupations. A required duration of work experience is depending on whether they completed a relevant formal training or not.

OSAP is done by a TRA-approved RTO selected by the applicants, and if required, they should travel to the RTO for Technical Interview or Practical Demonstration.

Nominated Occupations and Countries for the OSAP are as below:


  • MSA

MSA is for applicants whose occupations and countries are not specified under the OSAP.


Like the OSAP, MSA applicants must be able to demonstrate relevant work experience. However, in addition to work experience, applicants are required to have a relevant formal qualification to their nominated occupations. If not having qualifications, they may need to undertake a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) before proceeding the program.




Opartners can assist all TRA offered skill assessments as well as any skill assessments required for the Australian visa applications. If you need a professional guide, please contact Opartners for a personalised consultation.


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