New five-year sponsored parent visa

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In today’s column, we are going to explain the new five-year sponsored parent visa which will be open for application on 17 April 2019 onward.


This new sponsored parent visa is not a permanent but a temporary visa. To get this visa, parents need to get a sponsorship from their child who are either an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen.

After being granted this visa, parents will be able to stay for up to five years at a time without departing.


The charges of this visa are as below:

  • Sponsorship application: AUD $420
  • Visa application charge: $5,000 for 3 years duration, $10,000 for five years duration


This visa has ‘no-work condition,’ so visa holders are not able to work. Moreover, they need to arrange their own private health insurance.


The Department has announced that up to 15,000 visas per year will be granted.


This new visa can bring a good opportunity to those who think that current sponsored family visitor visa is too short or to parents who are reluctant to apply for a contributory parent visa, which is a permanent visa.


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