English Concession of NT DAMA II

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In today’s column, we are going to explain ‘concession for English language requirement’ for NT DAMA.


As many of you already knew, current TSS visa has English requirements as below:

  • Mid-Term TSS: IELTS Each band 5.0
  • Shor-term TSS: IELTS Overall band 5.0 (each band 4.5 above)

After three-year of employment under the same employer, an applicant can apply for ENS visa with the English requirement as “Competent English” which is equivalent to IELTS Each band 6.0.


However, under NT DAMA arrangements an English language concession may be available to overseas workers who apply for a TSS Visa, and those transitioning to ENS labour agreement pathway.

Please note that this concession only applied to those occupations identified as being eligible. Your occupations must be on the list below.


  • NT DAMA Occupation list for English language concession


  • NT DAMA English language concession

Details of NT DAMA’s English language concession are as below:


Since last March, after the department strengthened English requirements for TSS and ENS visa, many potential visa applicants have experienced frustration.

For those who have difficulty in obtaining desired scores for the visa applications, NT DAMA can be a possible option.


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