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Opartners Pty Ltd has been operating for more than 10 years in Perth, providing quality services in Education, Visa/Migration and Tax/Accounting for our clients.

Our office is located in Burswood which is just 5 minutes away from Perth City, with the added benefits of a lot of parking and a conveniently located bus stop right in front of the company building.

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호주 457 비자 변경 및 폐지 소식

안녕하세요, 오파트너스입니다. 지난 4월 18일 갑작스럽게 공지된 457 및 고용주 후원 영주비자 변경 소식에 많이들 놀라고 걱정들도 많으시리라 생각됩니다. 오늘은 이민성이 공지한 내용을 간략히 정리해 드리는 시간을 갖도록 하겠습니다. 아직 개정안에 대한 세부적인 사항에 대해 이민성에서 추가적인 법안과 규정을 발표하지 않은 상황이라, 아래 내용 만으로 답변이 되지 못하는 사항들에 대해서는 추가적인 발표가 있는 대로 정리해서 다시 알려 드리도록 하겠습니다. 457비자 폐지 및 새로운 취업 비자 관련 개정안   1. 2017년 4월 19일부터 변동 사항 · 직업군 리스트 –  CSOL이 Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)로 변경되었습니다. –  SOL이 Medium and Long-term […]

Occupations for employer sponsored visa programmes

Separate legislative instruments now exist outlining eligible occupations for the following sponsored visa programmes: Employer Nominated Scheme (subclass 186) – Direct Entry Stream See: IMMI17/080  Specification of Occupations […]

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