Recent Change of Childcare Skill Assessing Authority

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Last week, there was a huge confusion among childcare students due to the change of skill assessing authority.

From 16 November 2019, the skill assessing authority for childcare occupations changed from Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) to Australian Children’s Education & Care Authority (ACECQA).

The issue here was not simply related to the change of authority, but rather a limited skill assessment option for graduates. ACECQA only updated requirements for Migration Skills Assessment, which can be applicable to permanent resident visas, but they did not provide any information regarding Provisional Skills Assessment for a graduate visa.

According to ACECQA, Migration Skills Assessment requires at least 3 years or 1 year of post-qualification full-time work experience depending on individual occupation. By common sense, this work requirement seemed that recent graduates were almost impossible to approach. Hence, many people thought that this high threshold will eventually hinder graduates from applying for a graduate visa. Therefore, those who are studying childcare courses and course providers were panicked about the news over the past week.

Fortunately, yesterday ACECQA updated information about Provisional skill assessment on their website, so it is likely that previous confusion will be vanished soon.

The newly updated requirements for Provisional skill assessment are as below:

  • an ACECQA approved diploma (or higher) education and care qualification, awarded by a CRICOS RTO/Institution.
  • evidence of the supervised work placement completed in an Australian workplace as part of your qualification.

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