Changes to the Graduate Stream of the State Nomination Migration Program

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In 2018, the Government of Western Australia introduced a new Graduate stream to its State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP). Recently, the state government has made this stream more accessible for international student who study in Western Australia.


On 19 October 2019, WA Premier announced that vocational education and training (VET) graduates who complete a qualification in Western Australia at Certificate III level or above will also be eligible for WA Graduate stream.


The first invitation round to include VET graduates will be issued in December 2019.


Other changes to WA Graduate stream include:


  • studies in Higher Education, VET and/or English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) will all count towards the requirement to study for two years in Western Australia.


  • work experience and job offer requirements will also be reduced. Graduates will need to either demonstrate six months of work experience or a six-month of employment contract, but not both. Currently, international students need to have 12 months of work experience plus a job offer for 12 months.


A new Graduate Occupation List and updated eligibility criteria for the Graduate stream will be published on the Migration portal.


It is believed that this change will attract more talented and skilled international students who can contribute positively to the state economy.


As soon as there is an update, we will communicate with you on our website. In the meantime, please make a reservation for migration consultation if you have any further questions, or if you want to see whether you are eligible!


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